Mary Amanda & Jr

You may remember Mary Amanda & JR’s engagement session blog! Well here is their wedding blog! I cant even find a starting point because their wedding was so amazing. From the details – to the ceremony – to the reception – to the band! It was so fun being their photographer and I am so grateful I was apart of their wedding! Lets start off with their reception hall, Mary Amanda’s dad built this for her in 4 months! Her parents want to open a wedding venue and this was the start of that journey! The flowers oh the flowers all over the place they were so stunning! The ceremony site just takes your breath away every time you look at it! They planned everything down to the last detail! Mary Amanda looked absolutely breathtaking in her dress! Their ceremony there was not a dry eye in the house even I was crying behind my camera! Their reception was a huge party and you could tell everyone wanted to be there! It was such a perfect day to witness these two get married!

Congratulations again you two ❤ 2018-05-18_00012018-05-18_00022018-05-18_00032018-05-18_00042018-05-18_00052018-05-18_00062018-05-18_0007


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