Jessica & Charlie

Jessica & Charlie were married at Lc Ranch in Tolar, Tx! They were surrounded with their closest family & friends! Their wedding will be one I will never forget for many reasons. The one reason that stands out to me the most is that rain storm we had it was clear until about 20 minutes until ceremony then BAM it wanted to show up, It rained for about 15 minutes and then it was PURE sunshine until they said I do. The decorations and small details were thought out with so much love and attention through the reception! Everything had a place and went beautifully!

  The way these two look at each-other you can just tell that they are so in love and truly enjoy their company with one other! I am so glad that I was apart of these two wedding day! It was pure joy and love all day!

Congratulations again you two ❤ 2018-05-03_00232018-05-03_00242018-05-03_00272018-05-03_00282018-05-03_00252018-05-03_00262018-05-03_00032018-05-03_00292018-05-03_00012018-05-03_00022018-05-03_00302018-05-03_00312018-05-03_00042018-05-03_00052018-05-03_00062018-05-03_00322018-05-03_00332018-05-03_00342018-05-03_00072018-05-03_00082018-05-03_00092018-05-03_00102018-05-03_00112018-05-03_00122018-05-03_00132018-05-03_00172018-05-03_00372018-05-03_00142018-05-03_00152018-05-03_00162018-05-03_00182018-05-03_00352018-05-03_00362018-05-03_00202018-05-03_00192018-05-03_00382018-05-03_00212018-05-03_0022

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