Danielle & Justin

Fiction Coffee House, Dallas Engagement Session, Hannah Hays Photography, 2019 Bride

When I first met Danielle & Justin we immediately clicked. I knew before they even hired me I was going to be their wedding photographer. Their style and vibe just matched my personality 100%! When we were talking about their engagement session we all knew we wanted to do something different then nature. Danielle brought up a coffee house engagement session and I WAS SO DOWN. It was different and not what I was used to and I just wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and it just matched their personalities so it made sense! We met at Friction coffee house in Dallas on a very chilly Sunday morning but these two didnt let the cold stop them, they even brought their long boards, their engagement session was such a BLAST! The way Justin looks at Danielle makes my heart melt & the way Danielle is just so smitten by Justin. I am so excited that I am their Photographer and I get to become their friend throughout this whole journey! Shoutout to Ammie who hooked us up!


I knew from the moment I edited this session I was going to blog it – so here it is! Fiction Coffee House, Coffee House Engagement, Engagement Session, Hannah Hays Photography, 2019 Bride, Dallas Texas2018-12-05_00172018-12-05_00182018-12-05_00192018-12-05_00202018-12-05_00212018-12-05_00222018-12-05_00232018-12-05_00242018-12-05_00252018-12-05_00262018-12-05_00272018-12-05_00282018-12-05_00292018-12-05_00302018-12-05_00312018-12-05_00322018-12-05_00332018-12-05_00342018-12-05_0035

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