Maranda & Peyton

Engagement Session, Houston Texas, Hannah Hays Photography, Conroe Texas, Woods, Trees, Light, Sunrise

If you know me you know I am not a morning person at all – I am a night owl and I like to sleep in the mornings. LOL so when Maranda brought up the idea of a Sunrise session an hour away from where we were I was not happy about it at first. But I will do anything to make sure my couples love their images and that is what she wanted! After driving all day the day before to get to Houston I went to bed early and was up at 3 am to get to her house and go with her to get hair and makeup done! Once we were done we made the hour drive to Conroe, Tx where we literally got lost in the woods. Maranda & Peyton are literally the cutest couple, they can look at each-other and you can just see the love radiating off of them. Peyton would go to the ends of earth to make her happy! I literally laughed their whole session because they were just so giggly and COLD – cant tell by looking at them can you? LOL. I literally loved their engagement session – it will be of my favorites forever! I cant wait to for their November 2019 wedding! Engagement Session, Houston Texas, Conroe Texas, Fall Engagement, The Woodlands, Bride to Be, Groom To Be, Hannah Hays Photography2018-12-05_00072018-12-05_00032018-12-05_00042018-12-05_00062018-12-05_00082018-12-05_00092018-12-05_00052018-12-05_00102018-12-05_00112018-12-05_00012018-12-05_00122018-12-05_00142018-12-05_00152018-12-05_0013

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