Carolyn​ & Matt

Where can I even start with this blog? When I first spoke to Carolyn I knew that we were going to become more than just a vendor-client relationship. Well, life happened & she went in a different direction for photography, that’s totally fine I respected their decision.   A couple months had passed when her coordinator Ammie with Glitter & Glue Weddings and Event reached out to me and asked if I still had their date & I said YES! I was so honored that they choose me after all the time had passed. Since that day I have grown a bond with Carolyn & Matt during their wedding journey. I took their engagements, Carolyn’s bridals & of course their wedding. Getting two know these two on a personal level has been so so rewarding & I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes on this next chapter of their lives.


Carolyn & Matt got married at Hidden Creek in Heath, Tx! Carolyn had a clear vision of what she wanted on her wedding day & she wasn’t going to let anything stray her from that vision! She had touches of blush, rose gold & greenery everywhere! She had her dress custom made & I mean come on LOOK AT IT – it is stunning & there will never be another dress out there like it! She also let her bridesmaids were different dresses & I loved that touch because it let them give a little of their personality to the wedding! Also, can we take a moment for their ceremony decor – Tammy from T & T flowers & gifts KILLED the game with these flowers!  There were so many sweet sweet moments from this wedding that I could talk about all day but I will share this one. Their first look touched my heart, Matt told me at the engagement session & at dinner after her bridal session that he was not going to cry & BOY did he tear up, they both did! It was such a sweet moment to be a part of. Carolyn surprised her mom with a special mother & daughter dance & boy when I tell you I had to take a moment to gather my tears, these dances mean so much to me because I did it with my own mother at my wedding, her mom was so surprised when the DJ announced it & there was not a dry tear while they were on the dance floor. Another part of their wedding day that I ABSOLUTELY loved was the SUN, the sun decided it was time to come play during their portraits session & even though everyone wanted to go inside because it was FREEZING outside I said no & stood my grounds & you will see why below! You cant tell it was 10 degrees outside! Once we went inside for the reception it was nothing but a huge huge party – their bridal party & guest kept the party going all night! Then they had the most perfect sparkler exit to their perfect wedding day! I am so honored that I was apart of this day & I am so honored to be walking away with 2 new amazing friends! Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Wenhold!

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