Laci & Zachary

Laci & Zachary were married on October, 19th 2019 at The Pearl at Sabine Creek & it couldn’t have been more of a perfect day! The sun was shining so bright & the weather was just so perfect, I mean we live in texas so it could have really got anyway LOL!

Laci & Zach’s story was one that goes to the heart. They actually got married on the year anniversary of their marriage – if that makes sense! Zach enlisted to go into the army & they decided to not wait to become on. However, they knew that they wanted a big wedding so they started planning it exactly a year later! I am not sure how Laci held it together because she planned their wedding while Zach was in basic training & living miles apart from each other, but she did it & it was the most perfect day.

Their wedding was such a party, they were surrounded by so many friends & family that came to witness them become one! Their wedding had so many touches that I loved. First was Zach’s reaction when he saw his bride for the first time coming down the aisle! To the navy blue & gold cake – can we say stunning? Then painting unity ceremony, that brought tears to my eyes because I had never seen anything like that before – it was definitely unique to them because they can put it in their house forever & remember that moment in time! I even loved all the greenery that was throughout the reception hall, it just was the perfect combination of colors for the white backdrop of the venue. Oh, & I can’t forget to mention Laci’s amazing wedding dress. It was so elegant & she looked like a freaking bombshell! So many details that I can talk about but we would be here forever lol! Their reception was a huge party & I don’t think I have ever seen a father & daughter dance get down the way Laci’s & her dad got down LOL. They also played this hilarious game with some newlyweds from the guest, I tell all my brides about it now just in case they want to play it lol.

I am so honored these two choose me to be their wedding photographer & I can’t wait to share their full galley with them. Until then, here are some sneaks to hold everyone over! Congratulations again, Laci & Zach!


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