Danielle & Justin

Fiction Coffee House, Dallas Engagement Session, Hannah Hays Photography, 2019 Bride

When I first met Danielle & Justin we immediately clicked. I knew before they even hired me I was going to be their wedding photographer. Their style and vibe just matched my personality 100%! When we were talking about their engagement session we all knew we wanted to do something different then nature. Danielle brought up a coffee house engagement session and I WAS SO DOWN. It was different and not what I was used to and I just wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and it just matched their personalities so it made sense! We met at Friction coffee house in Dallas on a very chilly Sunday morning but these two didnt let the cold stop them, they even brought their long boards, their engagement session was such a BLAST! The way Justin looks at Danielle makes my heart melt & the way Danielle is just so smitten by Justin. I am so excited that I am their Photographer and I get to become their friend throughout this whole journey! Shoutout to Ammie who hooked us up!


I knew from the moment I edited this session I was going to blog it – so here it is! Fiction Coffee House, Coffee House Engagement, Engagement Session, Hannah Hays Photography, 2019 Bride, Dallas Texas2018-12-05_00172018-12-05_00182018-12-05_00192018-12-05_00202018-12-05_00212018-12-05_00222018-12-05_00232018-12-05_00242018-12-05_00252018-12-05_00262018-12-05_00272018-12-05_00282018-12-05_00292018-12-05_00302018-12-05_00312018-12-05_00322018-12-05_00332018-12-05_00342018-12-05_0035

Maranda & Peyton

Engagement Session, Houston Texas, Hannah Hays Photography, Conroe Texas, Woods, Trees, Light, Sunrise

If you know me you know I am not a morning person at all – I am a night owl and I like to sleep in the mornings. LOL so when Maranda brought up the idea of a Sunrise session an hour away from where we were I was not happy about it at first. But I will do anything to make sure my couples love their images and that is what she wanted! After driving all day the day before to get to Houston I went to bed early and was up at 3 am to get to her house and go with her to get hair and makeup done! Once we were done we made the hour drive to Conroe, Tx where we literally got lost in the woods. Maranda & Peyton are literally the cutest couple, they can look at each-other and you can just see the love radiating off of them. Peyton would go to the ends of earth to make her happy! I literally laughed their whole session because they were just so giggly and COLD – cant tell by looking at them can you? LOL. I literally loved their engagement session – it will be of my favorites forever! I cant wait to for their November 2019 wedding! Engagement Session, Houston Texas, Conroe Texas, Fall Engagement, The Woodlands, Bride to Be, Groom To Be, Hannah Hays Photography2018-12-05_00072018-12-05_00032018-12-05_00042018-12-05_00062018-12-05_00082018-12-05_00092018-12-05_00052018-12-05_00102018-12-05_00112018-12-05_00012018-12-05_00122018-12-05_00142018-12-05_00152018-12-05_0013

Kayla & Trevor

Lone Star Lodge Resort and Marina, Hannah Hays Photography, Engagement Session, Fall, Couples

Kayla & Trevor met me for their engagement session this past Sunday at Lone Star Lodge Resort and Marina! They were the sweetest couple and so full of love! Trevor and Kayla are high school sweethearts & funny enough we went to high school together but never met until they got engaged lol! Their session was amazing from the lighting to just getting to know them two on a personal level! Kayla is an amazing artist and is in her first year of teaching & Trevor is almost done with school – he is going to be a coach and a math teacher! Would you believe that this was their first time getting pictures done together ever? I am so excited to be photographing their wedding next November! Congratulations again you two! ❤ Lone Star Lodge Resort and Marina, Engagement Session, Couple, Hannah Hays Photography, Fall Session,  Fall Wedding2018-11-06_00022018-11-06_00032018-11-06_00042018-11-06_00052018-11-06_00062018-11-06_00072018-11-06_00082018-11-06_00092018-11-06_00102018-11-06_00112018-11-06_00122018-11-06_00132018-11-06_00142018-11-06_00152018-11-06_00162018-11-06_0017