Hannah & Joey

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Hannah & Joey were married on December 15th, 2018 at The Rockwall Manor in Terrell, Texas. I remember when I first met these two at Starbucks with Hannah’s mom. We instantly connected & while leaving the coffee shop I was very confident that we were going to become great friends! Throughout their journey, I was able to photograph their Engagements, Hannah’s bridals & of course their Wedding!  Getting two know these two on a personal level has been so rewarding & I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes on this next chapter of their lives.

Hannah had a vision for her wedding day, her touches of maroon & gold really played well together. I love that she included blankets for her guest during the ceremony, such a warm touch. They also did communion together for their unity ceremony & I really feel like that was such a personal touch for them. Oh & let’s not forget about their Whataburger groom’s Cake – They love Whataburger so much that they even messaged them to get their numbers for their Wedding date. Hanah & Joey’s first look was so full of love – Joey’s smile says it all when he first saw his bride all done up! They were surrounded by so much love you can definitely tell the people that were at their wedding wanted to be there. Their reception was nothing but a huge party & their exit was EPIC.  I am so honored that I got to be a part of their Wedding Journey, it has been nothing but amazing! Congratulations again you two!The Rockwall Manor, Hannah Hays Photography, The springs Event venues, Terrell Texas, Dallas Texas, Wedding Photography2019-01-16_00222019-01-16_00012019-01-16_00022019-01-16_00032019-01-16_00042019-01-16_00052019-01-16_00372019-01-16_00122019-01-16_00132019-01-16_00192019-01-16_00112019-01-16_00102019-01-16_00092019-01-16_00082019-01-16_00182019-01-16_00162019-01-16_00152019-01-16_00142019-01-16_00382019-01-16_00392019-01-16_00402019-01-16_00442019-01-16_00572019-01-16_00062019-01-16_00072019-01-16_00202019-01-16_00212019-01-16_00292019-01-16_00302019-01-16_00252019-01-16_00262019-01-16_00272019-01-16_00512019-01-16_00502019-01-16_00522019-01-16_00232019-01-16_00242019-01-16_00492019-01-16_00352019-01-16_00362019-01-16_00552019-01-16_00562019-01-16_00652019-01-16_00642019-01-16_00662019-01-16_00412019-01-16_00682019-01-16_00672019-01-16_00692019-01-16_00712019-01-16_00722019-01-16_00432019-01-16_00342019-01-16_00332019-01-16_00322019-01-16_00312019-01-16_00282019-01-16_00462019-01-16_00542019-01-16_00532019-01-16_00472019-01-16_00482019-01-16_00452019-01-16_00582019-01-16_00592019-01-16_00602019-01-16_00612019-01-16_00622019-01-16_00632019-01-16_00702019-01-16_00732019-01-16_00742019-01-16_00752019-01-16_00762019-01-16_0077

Linzey & Alex

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Linzey & Alex were married at The Ranch in Denton Texas! The rain did not stop these two from tying the know & starting their new journey together! Linzey had such an amazing vision for her wedding day all the greenery & the babies breathe everywhere. She knew what she wanted & made it happen! Their day had so many amazing emotional parts to it, but if I had to pick my favorite I think I would have to choose their first look with each-other! Alex reaction was so perfect! Other than their emotional moments their reception was a huge party & everyone was dancing it felt like almost all night! I am so honored that these two allowed me to be apart of their big day! Congratulations again you two! The Springs Event Venue, Denton Texas, Wedding Day, Hannah Hays Photography, Bride, Groom, Wedding2019-01-13_00032019-01-13_00042019-01-13_00052019-01-13_00062019-01-13_00072019-01-13_00082019-01-13_00092019-01-13_00142019-01-13_00162019-01-13_00182019-01-13_00192019-01-13_00202019-01-13_00372019-01-13_00382019-01-13_00132019-01-13_00102019-01-13_00112019-01-13_00122019-01-13_00282019-01-13_00242019-01-13_00252019-01-13_00292019-01-13_00302019-01-13_00262019-01-13_00272019-01-13_00312019-01-13_00152019-01-13_00172019-01-13_00322019-01-13_00332019-01-13_00342019-01-13_00352019-01-13_00362019-01-13_00392019-01-13_00402019-01-13_00422019-01-13_00412019-01-13_00212019-01-13_00432019-01-13_00222019-01-13_00232019-01-13_00452019-01-13_00462019-01-13_00472019-01-13_0044

Hannah’s Bridals

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Hannah got married early December and I am so excited to finally be catching up on blogs because I get to blog her bridal session! The only bad part of her session was the rain – but other than that her session was L-I-F-E. Hannah’s dress will be one of my favorites for probably ever, the lace detailing and the veil oh that veil! I am so honored that Hannah choose me to be her photographer thought their whole wedding process! Congratulations again Hannah & Joey – Watch out for their wedding blog coming soon!

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Mr & Mrs. Seaman

Every girl dreams of her dream wedding for a long time, well that is no different for Gabby! She told me she had been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl & when she met Nick she knew he would make them all come true. From her venue to her flowers her wedding day was absolutely perfect! You would have never know it started to rain as soon as we started their portraits if I didn’t just tell you that. Their ceremony was perfect from Nicks reaction to seeing Gabby walk down their aisle to the lighting during the ceremony to the rainbow while we were taking their pictures! When the rain finally passed we got to sneak them out for a more portraits of just them two after that their dance floor was never empty, their wedding guest knew how to wedding! I knew I wanted to blog this wedding from the moment I started editing it. Gabby & Nick have become more than clients to me they have become friends & I will Cherish them forever. I am so honored that she choose me out of all the photographers she could have chosen from to be her wedding photographer. Their day was truly perfect! Congratulations again you two! 2018-12-05_00382018-12-05_00392018-12-05_00402018-12-05_00412018-12-05_00422018-12-05_00432018-12-05_00662018-12-05_00652018-12-05_00642018-12-05_00632018-12-05_00932018-12-05_00612018-12-05_00442018-12-05_00452018-12-05_00462018-12-05_00472018-12-05_00482018-12-05_00492018-12-05_00502018-12-05_00672018-12-05_00682018-12-05_00692018-12-05_00702018-12-05_00512018-12-05_00522018-12-05_00532018-12-05_00722018-12-05_0071Rockwall Manor, Hannah Hays Photography, Fall wedding 2019, October Bride, The Springs Event Venue, Rockwall Texas, Dallas Texas2018-12-05_00732018-12-05_00742018-12-05_00752018-12-05_00762018-12-05_00772018-12-05_00782018-12-05_01022018-12-05_01032018-12-05_00792018-12-05_00802018-12-05_00542018-12-05_00552018-12-05_00852018-12-05_00862018-12-05_00872018-12-05_00882018-12-05_00892018-12-05_00902018-12-05_00602018-12-05_00562018-12-05_00572018-12-05_00582018-12-05_00592018-12-05_00812018-12-05_00822018-12-05_00832018-12-05_00842018-12-05_00922018-12-05_00912018-12-05_00962018-12-05_00972018-12-05_00982018-12-05_00992018-12-05_01002018-12-05_00952018-12-05_00942018-12-05_01042018-12-05_01052018-12-05_01062018-12-05_0107